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Employee Information

Job titles:
Assistant professor in Biochemistry Department

Key responsibilities

Research and teaching of post graduate students. Currently Head of Public relations and international Affairs of Pasteur Institute.


Department: Biochemistry

Current & Passed Projects

·         Awarded the EMBGEN project " Collaborative project on study of mammalian glycoproteins." 2009-2010 

·         Awarded the COMSTECH grant for " Collaborative Research on Genetic variants of different stage specific antigen proteins can provide diverse glycosylation substrates acting as antigenicity determinant for vaccine against malaria-Glycosylation studies .in 2008-2009

·         A comparison of Glutathione S transferase in human and rodent malaria in resoponse to antimalarial agents like eosin B, artemisine and chloroquine.

·         A Metabonomic study on colon cancer patients using 1HNMR spectroscopy.

·         Awarded the COMSTECH grant for "A collaborative proposal on research on structural and mechanistic  studies of merozoite surface protein -1 (msp-1) for preparation of recombinant mspmalaria vaccine studie son the c-terminal portion." For the year 2006-2007.

·         A preliminary study of metabonomics between immunzed and non immunized animals.

·         A  study of allelic variation in C terminal 19 kd protein of merozoite surface protein (msp1) in Plasmodium falciparum in Iran.

·         A study of allelic variation in in msp1 in Plasmodium falciparum in Iran.  

·         A study of allelic variation in msp1 in Plasmodium falciparum infection in southern state of Sistan Baluchistan in Iran.

·         Preparation of diagnostic kit for  C reactive protein.

·         Preparation of flourescein isothocyanate conjugated anti human antibodies.

·         Preparation of ELISA kit for HBsAg.

·         Collaborated with the Parasitology Dept. for purification of different antigens in hydatid cyst and Borrelia.

Teaching Experience:

Teaching of advanced and practical biochemistry and endocrinology to Ph.D. and post graduate students for the past ten  years.


  •                Arjmand M, Kompany-Zareh M, Vasighi M, Parvizzadeh N,   Zamani Z, Nazgooei F. Nuclear magnetic resonance-based screening   of thalassemia and quantification of some hematological parameters   using chemometric methods.Talanta. 2010 Jun 15;81        (4-5):1229-36. Epub 2010 Feb 16.

  • Pourfallah F., Javadian S., Zamani z. et al. Evaluation of zinc, copper, iron and zinc/copper ratio in cutaneous Leishmaniasis." Iranian journal of arthropod-borne diseases. Vol.3, No.2, 2009. 

§        Nahravanian H., Najafzadeh, zamani et al. "Anti Leishmanial effects of trinitroglycerin in BALB/C mice infected with Leishmania major via nitric oxide pathway." Korean J. Parasitology. Vol.47,No.2. 109-115. June 2009.

§        Zamani Z., Razavi M.R., Assmar M., Pourfallah F. Sadeghi Set al. "Analysis of   sequence analsyis of the C-terminal region of Plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface protein  1 in Southern Iran"  Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and  Public Health Volume  40 No. 1 January 2009.

·                    A preliminary study of allelic variation of merozoite surface protein (MSP-1 ) gene in Plasmodium falciparum in Sistan Baluchistan state of Iran. Pakistan journal of Biological sciences  Vol.10 (3):368-372 (2007)

·      Removing peroxide impurties from ether improves   the quality of globin chains from biosynthetic  studies. Hemoglobin 29 (2) 161-164 (2005).

·                  Purification of periplasmic flagellar antigen from Borrelia persica. Brazilian Journal of Microbiology (in press).                   

·      Purification of periplasmic flagellar antigen   from Borrelia microti Scand.J.Inf. Dis. 4:267- 272,2002.

·         Preparation of a new medium for in vitro culture of Borrelia microtti and Borrelia persica.

·         Med.J. of Islamic repulic of Iran, Vol.15, No.4,227-230,  Feb.2002

·         A novel method of purification of specific hydatid cyst antigen. Med. J. of Islamic republic of Iran, Vol.15, No.1, 49-53, May 2000.

·          Characterization of an anticoagulant agent in the venom of Iranian cobra (Naja naja oxiana).Med.J. of Islamic republic of Iran, Vol.13, No.4,291-295, Feb.2000.

·         Purification of protein F from outer membrane of Pseudomonas aeuriginosa. Basic Medical Sciences in Iran, vol.2, No.1,39-42 Spring 1999.

·         Study of immunogenicity of plasma vaccine B prepared in Iran. Scientific medical journal No.27, winter 1998,

·         Comparison of a culture medium for production of Streptolysin O from Betahaemolytic group A Richard’s strain. Hakeem Reserch Journal, Vol. 4m Bo. 3m Autumn 2000.A study of hepatitis B,C,D, in hepatitis carriers. Basic Medical Sciences, Vol.20, Shahrivar 1996.

·         Purification of peroxidase enzyme from    Raphaneus sativa,  Shaheed Sadooghi medical university of Yazd, 63-68, Feb.1999.



                             GENEBANK ENTRIES 

                          ABQ52496, ABQ52497, ABQ52498, ABQ57306,                                          

                           ABQ52495, ABM54034, BAA77608


Short communications:

§         A metabonomic study of colon cancer by H1 spectroscopy. Zamani Z. et al Iranian Proteomics coference  2010.

§         Metabonomics in hyperthyroidrat liver tissue by the help of HNMR spectroscopy. Arjmand M.,Saleh S, and Zamani Select Biosciences 2010.

§         A study of Eosin B as a novel anitmalarial vaccine in vivo. Sadeghi MR, Zamani Z. et al  2nd international student conference of  Biotechnology  Tehran University. Nov. 2008

·         Invited as a speaker for "International symposium on glycoprotiens” , sponsored by Pakistan Academy of Sciences" on June 2nd -4th st 2008.

o       A study of  genotypic variation in C terminal  area in MSP1 of Plasmodium falciparum in Iran. The first international congress on Health Genomics and Biotechnology Nov. 08 Tehran Iran.

o         A preliminary metabonomic study to obtain pattern                 recognition  in immunized and unimmunized rabbits              Biomarkers summit Sept. 07 Amsterdam . 

·         Invited as a speaker for "International symposium on nanochemistry, chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and bioinformatics of enzymes, sponsored by Pakistan Academy of Sciences" on Sept. 20-21st 2006.

·         A preliminary study of allelic variation of merozoite surface protein (MSP-1 ) gene in Plasmodium falciparum in Sistan Baluchistan state of Iran. Molecular approaches to malaria 2004, Lorne, Australia.

·       Production of human anti immunoglobulin M antibodies conjugated with fluorescein isothiiocyanate. 7th national biochemistry conference Feb. 2004.

·            Evaluation and comparison of α/β ration in thalassemia gene carrier and normal cases by globin chain synthesis. 7th National biochemistry conference Feb. 2004.

·            Globin chain synthesis and its analysis by HPLC in the screening of thalssemia syndromes  2nd Iranian congress of genetic disorders and disabilities. 2003.

·               Characterization of  flagellar antigen responsible for cell mediated immunity in Salmonella typhi. Second international conference of Pakistan Society for microbiology, Bhurban, Pakistan 1997.

     ·                  An epidemiological survey of brucellosis in Arak, a city in iran. Second Internaional biennial conference of Pakistan society for microbiology, Bhurban, Pakistan, 1997.

·                        A novel method of purification of 30-32 Kd outer membrane proein of BCG , 10th international Congress of Immunology 1st-6th November 1998.

·   Isolation of anti human IgG conjugated with flourescien isothiocyanide. 4th Biochemistry Congress of Islamic Republic   of Iran. Sept. –Oct. 1997.

·         First successful potency test of plasma derived hepatitis B vaccine in Iran, Pakistan society of Microbiology Sept. 24-26. Bhurban, Pakistan 1997.

●Purification of HbsAg for preparation of ELISA kit. Congress of blood and related diseases Dec. 21-23 1994.

Theses guided:

·         MSc thesis in "Study of new anti malarial drugs using  GST enzyme as a drug target." Payam University 2008

·         MSc thesis on " standardization of 1HNMR spectroscopy on serum of colon cancer patients." Payam University .

·         M.Sc. thesis "Metabonomic study of Leishmaniosis using 1HNMR spectroscopy."Sharif university.

·         M.Sc. Thesis" Standardization of 1HNMRspectrosocpy by1HNMR spectroscopy." Sharif university.

·         MSc  thesis in biochemistry “study of allelic variations in amino acids of merozoite suface proteins in Plasmodium falciparum” Al Zahra University.

·         MSc. Thesis in biochemistry : Purification of anticlotting factor in venom of Iranian cobra Naja naja oxiana” Iranian Medical University 1998.

·         Doctor in Pharmacy: Purification of peroxidase enzyme       from Iranian radish Raphanus sativa “ Mashhad Azad University 1997.

·         Doctor in Pharmacy “Study of cell mediated immunity in Salmonella typhi” Azad university 1998.

·                Doctor in Pharmacy “Preparation of anti human immunoglobin conjugated with FITC “Azad University 1999.


Co guide for

MSC thesis on "Investigation of pattern regulation between normal and leishmania patient sera and their correlation with selenium." Sharif University  08.

MSC thesis on "Investigation of standard method for NMR based metabonomic study ."  Sharif University of Technology Sept 07

MSc thesis in Biochemistry "A study of TNG as drug on mouse malaria." Pasteur Institute 2008

M.Sc. Thesis in microbiology “Purification of periplasmic flagella in Borrelia microtti “ Pasteur Institute 2001.

M.Sc. thesis in  Microbiology “Purification of periplasmic flagella in Borrelia persica”   Pasteur Institute 2001.

Doctor in Medical lab technology “Preparation of an ELISA kit for hydatid cyst antigen “ Azad University 1997.

Doctor in Medical Lab technology “Preparation of an IHA kit for hydatid cyst antigen “ Azad Universty 1997.

Docotor in Pharmacy : “Study of cell mediated immunity in borreleosis”.


ABQ52496, ABQ52497, ABQ52498, ABQ57306, ABQ52495, ABM54034, BAA77608

Biographical information:

Ph.D. in Immunology from Bombay university,  1991.

M.Sc. in Endocrinology from Bombay University, 1981.

B.Sc. in Zoology from Bombay University, 1976. 

Languages: English  written and spoken

                    Persian    "                  "

                    Hindi      "                   "

                    Urdu      "                    "

                    French    "                    "


Field of research interest

In vitro cultivation of Plasmodium falciparum for study of their glycoproteins.

Molecular epidemiological studies of zoonotic parasites, like Plasmodium.

 Metabonomics and the use of NMR in diagnosis of rare diseases.

Contact Information

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Office phone:+0098 21 646 5136

FAX number:+0098 21 646 5132